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041414. make a wish. #birthday

the neighbourhood’s sweater weather.

041214. chasing sunrises. #breathe

always be grateful to people who were there for you through hell and high water.

040514. this means business. #icecream

040414. to the lil girl who made me feel less sad this week…cheers to our sunburn! 🌞

033014. #friends

032914. congratulations to the little sister i’ve always wanted but never had! ❤💋🎉

congratulations to two of my favorite engineers!! i’m one proud cousin and soul sister. ❤💋

032814. don’t move/be still is the most challenging instruction. #ootd

circa 2013. looking for a needle in a haystack situation. #tbt

the making of “one year supply of selfies for yamuta” movement. #foreverclingy

032414. miss you!! #foreverclingy